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Reading: Repliek: De nieuwe waterstaatsgeschiedenis


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Repliek: De nieuwe waterstaatsgeschiedenis


P.J.E.M. van Dam ,

M. van Tielhof


Reply. The New History of Water Management
Waterstaat in stedenland is a scholarly monograph that aims to be a ‘green and contextual history of water management’. The authors focus on long-term developments with regard to managing the quantity and quality of water, the landscape, the economy and institutions while using a multidisciplinary approach. This broad history of the Dutch Rijnland area spans almost a thousand years (ca. 900-1856). At the heart of the study are questions that are relevant for environmental historians. The man-made and natural causes, and consequences, of various changes in the relationship between mankind and water are described in detail. The authors expand upon this position further in their ‘Reply’ and explore the effectiveness of the peat policies within the framework of the tensions between government and market forces. Recommendations for future research areas are also provided.


This response is part of the discussion forum 'Waterstaat in stedenland' (Milja van Tielhof and Petra J. E. M. van Dam).

Keywords: Water management  
How to Cite: Dam, P.J.E.M. van . and Tielhof, M. van ., 2008. Repliek: De nieuwe waterstaatsgeschiedenis. BMGN - Low Countries Historical Review, 123(1), pp.102–112. DOI:
Published on 01 Jan 2008.


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