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IJkpunt 1950

Keuzes en accenten


D. Bosscher


The author tries to assess the merits of Welvaart in zwart-wit [Affluence in black-and-white] by Kees Schuyt and Ed Taverne. He concludes that notwithstanding a certain lack of originality, Schuyt and Taverne have written a highly interesting and valuable book which convincingly captures the enigmatic spirit of the period around 1950. Schuyt and Taverne show themselves to be extremely well-versed in their established areas of expertise and answer a number of questions on the 1940s and 1950s with outstanding flair. It is rather disappointing, however, that a joint endeavour by two such erudite scholars ultimately produced so little added value. Their approaches did not in fact lead to a synthesis of scholarly disciplines, and sadly especially not concerning the issues that originally prompted the creation of this series of books: the theory of demography, culture and multiculturalism.


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Published on 01 Jan 2002.


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