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Reading: Economische geschiedenis met een menselijk gezicht


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Economische geschiedenis met een menselijk gezicht


J.L. van Zanden ,

A. van Riel


The Human Face of Economic History

In response to the reviews written about Nederland 1780-1914. Staat, instituties en economische ontwikkeling by Griffiths & De Jong and Fritschy, we have sketched the theoretical framework of the above-mentioned book, and in particular the central role played by New Institutional Economics in developing this framework. We argue that by choosing this framework we have been able to write an economic history with a human face, that is we were able to focus on the role played by the state and by (pressure groups of) entrepreneurs, farmers and labourers in defining the rules of the game, and in steering the process of economic development in this way. A revised version of the book will be published as 'The Strictures of Inheritance' by Princeton University Press in 2003.


This response is part of the discussion forum Nederland 1780-1914 (J.L. van Zanden, A. van Riel).

How to Cite: Zanden, J.L. van . and Riel, A. van ., 2002. Economische geschiedenis met een menselijk gezicht. BMGN - Low Countries Historical Review, 117(3), pp.364–369. DOI:
Published on 01 Jan 2002.


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